NEW PARKS: 1/1/2000 TO 9/30/2011


MRCA: Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority
From their agendas for 1/2004 to the present: http://mrca.ca.gov/archive.asp?year=2004

SMMC: Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
From their agendas for 4/2005 to the present: http://smmc.ca.gov/meeting_archive.asp

WCB: Wildlife Conservation Board
From their agendas for  8/2004 to the present: http://www.wcb.ca.gov/Meetings/


cahuenga peak wcb 2010-05.jpg, 139 acres fee

Cahuenga Peak-137 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment859_Map.pdf MRCA 11-7-07



laurel cyn-mulholland aerial 2.jpg
laurel cyn-mulholland aerial.jpg
Laurel Mulholland trail aerial.jpg
Laurel Mulholland wildlife corridor aerial.jpg

Laurel Canyon/Mulholland

6 acres at Laurel canyon/Mulholland

Laurel canyon and Mulholland

Laurel canyon/Mulholland


Cahuenga Pass-Hollywood Hills--CE

Cahuenga Pass

Mulholland core trail in L.A. City right of way-- SMMC 2-27-06

Los Feliz--0.4 acre conservation easement http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment256_Map.pdf MRCA 6-26-06

Griffith Park-L.A. River restoration http://smmc.ca.gov/pdf/attachment1328_Map%201.pdf
SMMC 2-25-08

1.2 acres near Lake Hollywood

0.2 acre CE in Cahuenga Pass

Hollywood Knolls

Hollywood Dell

0.2 acres at Briar Summit

0.3 acre CE in Laurel canyon

Laurel Canyon

Laurel Canyon

Laurel Canyon

Willow Glen/Laurel Canyon easement or gift

Bubalo-Studio city-0.06 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment133_Map%202.pdf MRCA 3-1-06

Bubalo-studio city http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment493_Map%202.pdf MRCA 12-6-06

Mulholland Drive/Hollywood Hills conservation easement –next to 2 homes http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment566_Map.pdf  MRCA 2-7-07

Laurel Canyon—donation of 2.45 acres, Mount Olympus. [Staff Report] [Attachment] [Attachment 2] [Map] MRCA 6/4/2008

Donation of conservation easements over portions of APNs 2425-016-024 and 2425-016-025 (3548 and 3548 ½ Multiview Drive, City of Los Angeles). [Staff Report] [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] MRCA 8/15/2008

Hollywood hills-0.11 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment133_Map%204.pdf  MRCA 3-1-06

Laurel Canyon-0.11 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment133_Map%205.pdf MRCA 3-1-06

Hollywood hills sewer easement MRCA 4-5-06

Nichols cyn, donation of conservation easement MRCA 5-3-06

Laurel cyn, donation of conservation easement http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment290_Map.pdf

Nichols cyn-Trebek --mortgaging of park to finance other projects http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment296_Map.pdf MRCA 7-12-06

Hollywood hills 0.11 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment644_Map%204.pdf MRCA 5/2/07

Laurel cyn--0.17 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment688_Map.pdf MRCA 6-6-07

Laurel cyn-less than 0.25 acre conservation easement http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment798_Map.pdf MRCA 9-5-07

Laurel Canyon—5 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment941_Map.pdf MRCA 12-5-07

Laurel cyn-4.4 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment657_Map.pdf MRCA 5/2/07

Sunset Plaza/Hollywood Hills-0.13 acre conservation easement http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment597_Map.pdf MRCA 3-7-07

Hollywood Hills-0.12 acre donation http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment1059_Map.pdf
MRCA 4-2-08

Castilian Drive and Outpost Drive area, sale of APNs 5549-013-900 and 901 to the adjacent owner and retaining a conservation easement over both parcels, Los Angeles. [Map] [Staff Report] [Resolution] MRCA 11/5/2008

Runyan cyn/Curson Canyon-20 acres MRCA 7-31-06

Ivar-Franklin—1 acres http://smmc.ca.gov/pdf/attachment1289_Map.pdf SMMC 1-28-08

Ivar-Franklin/Hollywood—1 acre purchase from CalTrans http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment994_Map.pdf
MRCA 2-6-08

2.5 acre donation near Wilacre park/Studio City --MRCA 2-1-06

in the Hopevale-Pacheco Canyon Area, Sherman Oaks, bargain sale acquisition of APNs 2277-018-014, 015, 016, 017; 2277-019-003, 004, 005, 007, 008, 009, 010, 011, 012; 2277-020-001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006; 2278-001-004, 005, 006, 007, 008, totaling 5 acres. [Map] [Staff Report MRCA 12/3/2008

Beverly Glen/Santa Monica Mountain—purchase of 0.3 acres: [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] [Staff Report] MRCA 5/7/2008

Beverly Glen/Benedict Canyons—purchase of 17.65 acres [Staff Report] [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] MRCA 5/7/2008

Benedict Canyon: purchase of either fee simple or conservation/trail easement interests in all or portions of APNs 4383-016-002, 003, 004, 006, 007, 009, and 011; and APN 4380-034-004, but excluding habitable structures and minimizing potential brush clearance areas, Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles. [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] [Staff Report] MRCA 6/4/2008

Beverly Glen—purchase of 0.3 acres [Staff Report] [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] MRCA 9/13/2008

Sherman Oaks-0.11 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment133_Map%201.pdf MRCA 3-1-06

Beverly glen-0.6 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment133_Map%206.pdf  MRCA 3-1-06

East of 405-sm mtns purchase proposals http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment242_Map%201.pdf

Sherman oaks—1.4 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment245_Map.pdf MRCA 6-7-06

Beverly glen-Laurel cyn, numerous small surplus L.A. city props, City wants to sell to SMMC http://smmc.ca.gov/pdf/attachment464_Map.pdf  SMMC 11-20-06

3 acres in SM Mtns. east of 405 freeway: MRCA 12-6-06
Beechwood cyn 0.09 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment493_Map%209.pdf MRCA 12-6-06
Sherman oaks 0.13 acres at Fossil Ridge http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment493_Map%201.pdf MRCA 12-6-06

Sherman Oaks—Fossil Ridge 3.5 acre conservation easement http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment650_Map.pdf MRCA 5/2/07

Stone cyn --MRCA 12-6-06

Sherman oaks—2.77 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment621_Map.pdf MRCA 4-4-07

Sherman oaks-- 0.2 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment644_Map%203.pdf MRCA 5/2/07

Bel air-Higgins cyn—1.8 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment700_Map.pdf MRCA 6-6-07

East sm mtns purchase plans, http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment680_Attachment%202.pdf  MRCA 6-6-07

L.A. City-west sm mtns purchase plans http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment681_Attachment%202.pdf MRCA 6-6-07

Beverly Glen--47 acres of surplus land owned by L.A. City bought by MRCA-- MRCA 11-7-07

29 acres in Beverly Glen and Benedict canyons

77 surplus LA city props in Beverly Glen

Beverly Glen

Beverly Glen and Benedict canyons

Benedict cyn

0.5 acre CE in Benedict canyon

Beverly Glen

Stone Canyon reservoir

Bel air--Mulholland Drive--0.2 acre CE in L.A. City

Mulholland Drive/405 Freeway bridge replacement

12 acres in Sherman Oaks

Mountaingate trails http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment302_Map.pdf MRCA 7-12-06

MRCA 3-5-08

Westridge-Canyonback park-withdrawn from agenda MRCA 11-7-07

Encino-Westridge-Canyonback park—25 acre donation of conservation easement

Encino drainage/brush clearance easement http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment131_Map.pdf MRCA 3-1-06

Adjacent to Hilton open space in Brentwood

27 acres east side of Encino Reservoir


0.5 acres in Encino

1.73 acres in Encino

Rivas cyn -0.3 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment645_Map.pdf MRCA 5/2/07

Temescal Canyon park improvements--MRCA 3-5-08

Pacific Palisades: purchase of 0.33 acres in the Pacific Palisades [Attachment] [Staff Report]

Temescal cyn lease to children’s centers SMMC 4-30-07

Temescal cyn, transfer of drainage easement to adjoining private owner SMMC 7-30-07

Marquez cyn-6.42 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment133_Map%203.pdf  MRCA 3-1-06

368 acres in Tarzana by SP-Avatar parcel, http://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/712/files/091302notice.pdf, http://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/712/files/091202map.pdf avatar property map. The hearing is designed to receive public testimony on a proposal to acquire approximately 368 acres of land for Topanga State Park in Woodland Hills, County of Los Angeles.

Pacific Palisades

Pac Palisades

0.33 acres in Pacific Palisades

Serrania Ridge CE

Woodland Hills—CE

1.5 acres in Woodland Hills

avatar purchase map.jpg

Natoma/Woodland Hills conservation easement http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment568_Map.pdf MRCA 2-7-07

Woodland hills-Dry cyn-2.2. acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment300_Map.pdf MRCA 7-12-06

Woodland Hills-- ¼ acre http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment471_Map.pdf MRCA 11-29-06

Woodland Hills-Serrania Ridge trail easement http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment1061_Map.pdf
MRCA 4-2-08

Woodland Hills/Natoma-5.5 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment1066_Map.pdf
MRCA 4-2-08

West Mulholland (Trailhead) Watershed Improvement Project, Woodland Hills. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] SMMC 10/20/2008

conservation easement on APN 4386-010-010, 13140 Mulholland Drive, City of Los Angeles. [Map] [Staff Report] [Attachment] [Resolution] MRCA 11/5/2008

Woodland Hills: waiver of portion of City owned walkway directly adjacent to Serrania Ridge, [Staff Report] [Map ] SMMC 5/12/2008:

Dry Canyon/Woodland Hills: increase in the fee simple transfer portion to the owner of APN 2007-033-025, Woodland Hills. [Map] [Staff Report] MRCA 6/4/2008

Woodland hills-Dry cyn—2.2. acres MRCA 7-31-06

Woodland hills -0.11 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment494_Map%201.pdf MRCA 12-6-06



1659 acres by SP-Lower Topanga http://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/712/files/nr062901b.pdf 6-2001 Lower Topanga map http://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/712/files/topanga.pdf In March of this year, the American Land Conservancy, a private, non-profit organization that facilitates the preservation of parkland and water resources throughout the nation, announced that it would purchase the property from LAACO, Ltd., the Los Angeles Athletic Club. The intent of ALC has been to purchase the 1,659-acre property and hold it for transfer to the California Department of Parks and Recreation when park bond money became available. The money for acquiring lower Topanga Canyon will come from the Proposition 12 Parks Bond Act of 2000. Of the $48 million allocated, $43 million will be used to purchase the property and the remaining $5 million will be used to relocate the tenants and begin the restoration of the site.

Topanga/Sylvia Park, 112 acres, http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment446_Map%201.pdf
surplus L.A. County land transferred to the MRCA 11-1-06

Topanga, 3.7 acres located along the west side of Topanga State Park both east and west of Topanga Canyon Boulevard [Map 1] [Map 3] [Attachment] [Map 2] [Staff Report] [Resolution] MRCA 10/1/2008

Topanga, restoration of the berm removal project in lower Topanga Canyon, unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Attachment] [Staff Report] [Resolution] MRCA 10/1/2008

Topanga--Turner & Kleles, 1140 Henry Ridge Mtwy, -- trail easement-- MRCA 4/14/2010 [Map]   

Topanga—Greenleaf Canyon/Leland open space easement-- MRCA 1/6/2010

Topanga Canyon--3/2/2011 MRCA-- scenic easements and/or open space easements associated with Coastal Development Permit No. 5-90-103A (Solar Systems, Inc.),. [Staff Report] [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] [Map 4]]

Topanga, 1035 Henry Ridge/English, trail easement, MRCA 1/6/2010

Topanga-- dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easement--12/1/2010 MRCA

Topanga/Fernwood-- scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 3/3/2010
[Map ] [Map 7 [Map 11]  

Topanga lookout, 20 acres of surplus L.A. County waterworks land bought by SMMC http://smmc.ca.gov/pdf/attachment29_Map.pdf SMMC 10-24-05

Topanga canyon—1.5 acres of scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 9/1/2010

Topanga lookout—20 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment21_Map.pdf MRCA 11-2-05

Cheney trail-Topanga—0.14 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment54_Map%203.pdf

Topanga-viewridge –4.99 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment52_Map%201.pdf

Zuniga-topanga-0.82 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment54_Map%204.pdf MRCA 1-11-06

Topanga-viewridge-Edelman park adjacent http://smmc.ca.gov/pdf/attachment146_Map%206.pdf SMMC 1-23-06

Hernandez bowl/Topanga—20 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment132_Map%2012.pdf MRCA 3-1-06

Topanga-Sylvia park—0.16 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment132_Map%202.pdf MRCA 3-1-06

Topanga, 0.14 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment132_Map%203.pdf MRCA 3-1-06

Topanga-viewridge-4.99 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment132_Map%201.pdf MRCA 3-1-06

Topanga-zuniga-0.82 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment132_Map%204.pdf MRCA 3-1-06

Topanga – 0.27 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment132_Map%208.pdf MRCA 3-1-06

Fernwood-1.18 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment247_Map.pdf MRCA 6-7-06

Topanga-Sylvia park-58 acres purchase from L.A. County http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment349_Attachment.pdf  MRCA 9-6-06

Topanga blvd.-0.31 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment370_Map.pdf MRCA 9-18-06

Fernwood scenic easement --MRCA 9-5-07

Topanga-- 2 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment537_Map.pdf MRCA 1-12-07

Fernwood-hernandez bowl—1 acre conservation easement http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment569_Map.pdf MRCA 2-7-07

Garapito cyn/Topanga—38 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment697_Map.pdf MRCA 6-6-07

Garapito canyon in Topanga—38 acres http://smmc.ca.gov/pdf/attachment839_Map.pdf
SMMC 9-24-07

120 acres in Old Topanga canyon by CC-5-24-2001--$250,000 to the Mountains Restoration Trust for acquisition of three parcels encompassing approximately 120 acres of land including critical habitat for western pond turtles in accordance with the Zuniga Creek and Wetland Resource Enhancement Plan.

Topanga Cyn-0.27 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment868_Map%201.pdf MRCA 11-7-07

Topanga-Fernwood-10 acre donation http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment860_Map.pdf MRCA 11-7-07

Garapito Canyon-38 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment964_Attachment.pdf MRCA 1-9-08

Hondo cyn--0.5 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment768_Map%202.pdf MRCA 8-8-07

Red rock cyn-Calabasas peak http://smmc.ca.gov/pdf/attachment549_Map%202.pdf  SMMC 2-26-07

Topanga Canyon--0.2 acre purchase

20.6 acres in Topanga

20.6 acres in Topanga canyon

101 acres at Topanga Summit
semet-summit to summit.jpg

10 acres in Fernwood above Topanga

Parcel in Topanga

0.03 acre in Topanga

0.09 acres in Topanga

--8 acres Upper Topanga Canyon Trail between Summit to Summit at Henry Ridge Motorway

Topanga  scenic easement --MRCA 10/1/2008

Topanga-sylvia park-fernwood—open space easement MRCA 3-7-07

Fernwood-Topanga--scenic easement donation-- MRCA 12-5-07

Topanga/Tuna Canyon road scenic easement (Barnett)-- MRCA 9/3/2008

Topanga-Fernwood-- Open space or scenic easements: MRCA 5-3-06



417 acres in Tuna Canyon by CC.-1-24-2002--$1,600,000 to the Mountains Restoration Trust for the acquisition of approximately 417 acres known as the "DeJoria Tuna Canyon S.E.A. Property" in Los Angeles County north of Highway 1 between Malibu and Topanga Canyon Boulevards. In conjunction with the grant, the Conservancy adopted the Tuna Canyon Significant Ecological Area Enhancement Plan.

1416 acres in Tuna Canyon by CC-1-24-2002--$1,000,000 to the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority for the acquisition of approximately 1,416 acres known as the Mann Property in Los Angeles County north of Highway 1 between Malibu and Topanga Canyon Boulevards, pursuant to the Tuna Canyon Significant Ecological Area Enhancement Plan.

1016 acres in Tuna canyon by WCB 2001-11

71.5 acres in Cold Creek by CC-6-25-2001--$$719,000 to the Mountains Restoration Trust for acquisition of eight parcels encompassing approximately 71.5 acres including portions of the riparian wetland habitat of Cold Creek in Los Angeles County. In conjunction with this grant, the Conservancy adopted the Cold Creek Enhancement Plan.

Piuma Road scenic easement-- MRCA 10/1/2008

Tapia park area—3.12 acres of surplus L.A. County land sold to MRCA http://smmc.ca.gov/pdf/attachment149_Map%202.pdf  SMMC 1-23-06

Pepperdine-Las Flores cyn-72 acre donation http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment83_Map.pdf  MRCA 2-1-06

Stunt Road—Saddle Peak area—3.6 acre open space easement (Steinberg)-- MRCA 9/1/2010

Calabasas peak—0.45 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment132_Map%209.pdf MRCA 3-1-06

las flores cyn scenic easements --MRCA 9-5-07

Las flores cyn -- Open space easement: MRCA 1-11-06

Cold creek- 5 acre donation http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment165_Attachment.pdf MRCA 4-5-06

Saddle peak public access easement MRCA 4-5-06

Serra retreat parcel sale and retention of conservation easement MRCA 4-5-06

Serra retreat land sale and keeping of conservation easement MRCA 5-3-06

Dark cyn-Quaker/open space easement http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment286_Attachment.pdf MRCA 7-12-06

Monte nido-0.09 acres MRCA 9-6-06

Monte Nido --scenic easement donation-- MRCA 12-5-07

Monte Nido –trail easement donation-- MRCA 12-5-07

Cold creek--0.09 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment364_Attachment.pdf MRCA 9-18-06

Cold creek trail easement http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment491_Attachment.pdf MRCA 12-6-06

Las Flores cyn—1 acre conservation easement http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment492_Map.pdf MRCA 12-6-06

Less than an acre at Carbon beach by CC--12-11-2003 Consideration and possible Conservancy adoption of the Carbon-La Costa Beach Acquisition Mitigated Negative Declaration and Monitoring Program and authorization to disburse up to $1,250,000 for acquisition of a vacant parcel located at 21724 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu for scenic visual and passive public access. The lot is adjacent to a property already owned by the Conservancy, and together the properties offer the only opportunity for the public to reach the beach and the only view of Santa Monica Bay from Pacific Coast Highway within a three-mile length of the coast

2.2 acres in Carbon canyon

7 acres in Carbon canyon

3.9 acres in Carbon Canyon in Malibu

Carbon canyon [Map]

Carbon canyon, 3.4 acre donation in Malibu

Malibu-Cross creek rd. MRCA 7-12-07

--10 acres Saddle Peak, by MRCA, by donation

Saddle peak, Ashley, Stiepel and Norman trail easements, 520, 545 and 595 Costa Del Sol way, Malibu, MRCA 5/4/11 [Map] [Map 2]

Las Flores Canyon scenic easements by Mountain Restoration Trust-- MRCA 8/15/2008

Las Flores Canyon, 5-90-106 (Niemier), dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easements [Map] MRCA 6/1/2011

Las Flores canyon, Niemier trail easement, 5-90-106 (Niemier), MRCA 5/4/11

78 acres—Cold Creek
Cold Creek 78 acre purchase--trails.jpg
cold creek high trail purchase parcel map

MRCA 4-2-08

Saddle Peak—(Queitzsch, 101 Loma Metisse Rd.), -- trail easement-- MRCA 4/14/2010 [Map]   

Cold Creek Canyon/Monte Nido trail easement http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment1023_Map%202.pdf
MRCA 3-5-08

Monte Nido trail easement, located 847 Malibu Meadows Drive in Calabasas-- MRCA 5/7/2008

Piuma road-- scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 3/3/2010

Monte Nido-- scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 3/3/2010

Saddle Peak--dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easement--12/1/2010 MRCA

Piuma Rd.-- dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easement--12/1/2010 MRCA

Sweetwater Mesa- swap of easements over MRCA property http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment1060_Attachment%201.pdf
MRCA 4-2-08

Sweetwater Mesa-- scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 3/3/2010 [Map ]

Coastal Slope trail in Malibu--1/5/2011 MRCA—addition of parcels for easements, between Sweetwater Mesa and Tuna Canyon Park. [Map] [Staff Report]

Cold Creek and Stokes Canyon Watersheds: donation of both a 16 acre conservation easement and fee simple transfer of portions of APN 4455-058-004, unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map] [Map 2] MRCA 10/1/2008

Cold Creek watershed --10-acre dedication (APN 4455-008-013) unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Map] [Staff Report] MRCA 12/3/2008

Cold Creek- trail easements --5/6/2009 MRCA

Cold Creek-Monte Nido area -- open space or scenic easements ;MRCA 6/3/09 [Map 1]

Cold Creek/Idler-- scenic or open space easement, MRCA 1/6/2010

Saddle Peak -- open space or scenic easements, MRCA 6/3/09 [Map 4]

Cold Creek, Thousand Peaks Rd./Andrews open space easement-- MRCA 1/6/2010



Cross Creek open space easement

SOKA UNIVERSITY: -588 acres (purchase finalized in 2005) SMMC 10-25-04
588 acres-by CC, WCB and SP--2005• CC contributed $10.5 million toward the Mountain Recreation Authority’s acquisition of the 564-acre SOKA Property in the upper watershed of Malibu Creek. The purchase protected critical wildlife habitat and offers outstanding recreational opportunities in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains. SOKA Property within the coastal zone of the Malibu Creek watershed to protect critical habitat, open space and watershed lands and to implement the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Plan, approved by the Conservancy on August 2, 2001
With this deal completed on Friday, April 16, 2005, with the close of escrow on the 588 acre purchase, it is a partnership between State Parks and nine other agencies to preserve a property many have called the “Crown Jewel” of the Santa Monica Mountains. “One cannot overstate the significance of acquiring this magnificent natural landscape,” said Ruth Coleman, Director of California State Parks. “We have been trying to acquire this wonderful parcel since the mid-1970’s. We now own a portion and all the partners in this endeavor are to be applauded for preserving this ecological jewel.” The Soka property being added to Malibu Creek State Park is almost exclusively oak woodland, chaparral, and annual grassland. It is in native condition, with the exception of a few access roads and a small building at the edge of the property. The entire 588 acres of the Soka University property is seen as a critical habitat linkage for wildlife such a mountain lions, bobcats, badgers, and other animals within the Santa Monica Mountains. The partnership funding for the acquisition is as follows: (Most of the funding comes from Propositions 40 and 50, bond acts passed by voters for land conservation.) • Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, $10 million • California State Parks, $7.15 million • State Coastal Conservancy Board, $5.5 million • State Wildlife Conservation Board, $5 million • Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission, $2.5 million • National Park Service, $2.5 million • County of Los Angeles, Prop. A, $2 million • Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, $1.23 million • Calabasas, $250,000 • Agoura Hills, $250,000.
--soka wcb 2005-02.JPG, 588 acres fee
Soka purchase topo.jpg

Cornell-Malibu Lake-- 17 acre donation from developer http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment999_Map%201.pdf
MRCA 2-6-08

Malibu Lake--scenic easement donation-- MRCA 12-5-07

Malibu lake- scenic easement --MRCA 9-5-07

Malibu Lake—open space easement MRCA 3-7-07

--Lobo Canyon--5 acres

lobo canyon-nps 154 acres.jpg—closed due to partying

Malibu Lake scenic easement—Gordon—MRCA 6/4/08 [Staff Report] [Attachment] [Attachment 2] [Attachment 3

Malibu chili cookoff site—19.7 acres (was eventually bought by the City of Malibu) http://smmc.ca.gov/pdf/attachment27_Map.pdf SMMC 10-24-05

Malibu civic center trail easement, 3415 Cross Creek Road-- MRCA 5/7/2008

Sweetwater Mesa/Topanga Pacific Land co—Scenic easement MRCA 7/2/08

Sweetwater Mesa--scenic easement donation-- MRCA 12-5-07

--Calabasas Secret trail--120 acres

118 acres at Cold Creek in Malibu

cold creek  wcb 2011-02.jpg, 118 acres fee

Malibu Road parcel

Pepperdine trails

150 acres on west side of Pepperdine University in Malibu

Pepperdine trails

Pepperdine University trail easement 11/3/2010 MRCA [Staff Report] [Map]

Pepperdine University)--150 acre open space easement on west side of campus-- MRCA 9/1/2010 http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment1925_Attachment.pdf

7 acre CE at Malibu Bluffs park area

--266 and 99 acres Cold Creek Trail

Cold Creek

Malibu cross creek-- Trail easement donations--MRCA 2-1-06

MRCA 2-17-06,L.A.County surplus land bought by MRCA

la sierra cyn wcb 2007-05.jpg, 30 acres fee



Puerco Canyon-- scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 3/3/2010 [Map ]



Corral canyon -- open space or scenic easements; MRCA 6/3/09 [Map 2

Corral canyon, 5-89-960-A (McCallister) dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easements [Map] MRCA 6/1/2011

Corral Canyon, 3003 Sequit Drive/Chan, trail and other easements, MRCA 1/6/2010

Corral Canyon/Mellein open space easement-- MRCA 1/6/2010

2.5 acres in Corral Canyon

corral cyn wcb 2008-02.jpg, 825 acres fee

total of 825 acres at Corral Canyon in Malibu, by CC and WCB:

199 acres Corral Canyon

Corral Cyn purchase-850 acres http://smmc.ca.gov/pdf/attachment876_Map.pdf  SMMC 10-29-07

Corral Canyon—620 acre purchase http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment927_Map.pdf MRCA 12-5-07

Corral canyon--26 acre donation--http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment932_Map.pdf MRCA 12-5-07

Corral Canyon-first phase of purchase 306 acres http://smmc.ca.gov/pdf/attachment1258_Attachment.pdf SMMC 12-28-07

Corral Canyon—116 acre second phase of purchase http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment1032_Map.pdf
MRCA 3-5-08

Corral cyn-- Open space or scenic easements: MRCA 5-3-06

Corral Canyon, acquisition of the 650-acre Rancho Corral, unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Resolution] [Map] [Staff Report] 9/22/2008 SMMC

Corral cyn-17 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment57_Map.pdf MRCA 1-11-06

Corral canyon—open space easement MRCA 3-7-07

Corral Canyon/Darbonne—Scenic easement MRCA 7/2/08



--80 acres Upper Solstice Canyon

Solstice canyon, --5-90-246 (Bolton), dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easements [Map] MRCA 6/1/2011

Forge, trail easement, Solstice canyon, 5-87-983 (Forge), MRCA 5/4/11

Solstice Canyon-- Open space easement: MRCA 1-11-06

Solstice Canyon--scenic easement donation-- MRCA 12-5-07



Latigo Canyon scenic easement-- MRCA 9/3/2008

Latigo canyon scenic easement --MRCA 9-5-07

Latigo Canyon-- scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 3/3/2010

Latigo Canyon--dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easement--12/1/2010 MRCA

0.3 acres in Latigo canyon



Escondido Canyon Watershed, Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu; acquire property within [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] 9/22/2008 SMMC

1.2 acres in Escondido Canyon in west Malibu

Escondido scenic easement --MRCA 9-5-07

Escondido Canyon scenic easements and/or open space easements --3/2/2011 MRCA

Scenic easement in Escondido canyon

Escondido Canyon—dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easement--12/1/2010 MRCA

Escondido canyon, Thorne trail easement, 27522 Latigo Bay View drive, Malibu, 5-89-1149 (Thorne), MRCA 5/4/11

Escondido canyon—open space easement MRCA 3-7-07

Donation of a trail easement or offer to dedicate trail easement over a portion of APN 4467-003-032 (5801 De Butts Terrace), Malibu, pursuant to Coastal Development Permit 05-097 (WFS Seastar Cp., LLC). [Staff Report] [Attachment] MRCA 8/15/2008

Escondido Canyon/Malibu: acquire APN 4467-003-031; (b) fee simple sale of APN 4467-003-031 with deed restrictions to the owner of 4456-004-071 for full appraised value; and retention of conservation/trail easements over the majority of APN 4467-003-031 for the Coastal Slope Trail, Malibu. [Attch1] [Attch2] [Staff Report] [Map 1] [Map 2] MRCA 8/15/2008

37 acres in Ramirez and Escondido canyons by CC-8-2-2001--$$70,000 to the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority for acquisition of the approximately 37-acre Brown property in Los Angeles County, in accordance with the Upper Ramirez and Escondido Canyons Resource Enhancement Plan.

Conservation/trail easement in Ramirez canyon

Ramirez Canyon/Malibu--100 acres

Ramirez canyon & PCH scenic easement [Staff Report] [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] MRCA 10/1/2008

Ramirez-escondido SMMC 6-26-06
Ramirez-Escondido MRCA 6-26-06
Ramirez-escondido SMMC 7-31-06
Ramirez-escondido MRCA 7-31-06
Ramirez-escondido cyn-winding way access SMMC 9-18-06
Ramirez-escondido MRCA 9-18-06
Winding way-Escondido cyn-trail easement MRCA 10-4-06
Ramirez-escondido SMMC 10-23-06
Ramirez Escondido MRCA 10-23-06
Ramirez-escondido planning SMMC 1-22-07
Ramirez-escondido planning MRCA 1-22-07

Ramirez—14.4 acres of surplus L.A County land sold to the MRCA http://smmc.ca.gov/pdf/attachment149_Map%201.pdf SMMC 1-23-06

Ramirez-escondido—purchase in full or conservation easement of 40 acres­- SMMC 7-9-07

Ramirez Canyon MRCA 7-12-07

Ramirez canyon scenic easement-- MRCA 10/1/2008

Ramirez canyon, 5-89-743 (Segal), dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easements [Map] MRCA 6/1/2011

Ramirez canyon--Walnut Creek /Johnson open space easement-- MRCA 1/6/2010

Ramirez canyon open space easement

Ramirez-escondido- purchase in full or conservation easement of 40 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment728_Map.pdf MRCA 7-12-07

MRCA 8-8-07

SMMC 8-27-07

Ramirez canyon—23.5 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment810_Map.pdf MRCA 9-20-07

Ramirez canyon--scenic easement donation-- MRCA 12-5-07

Escondido Canyon, Parcel on Coastal Slope trail in Malibu

De Butts-Delaplane/Ramirez canyon trail easement http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment1056_Map.pdf
MRCA 4-2-08

Escondido cyn-contract with Mountains Restoration Trust to buy land in area, no specific properties listed SMMC 10-22 or 29-07

Escondido-ramirez-- SMMC 2-27-06

Ramirez-Escondido-Debutts Terrace—6 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment879_Map%201.pdf

Debutts Terrace 7 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment880_Map.pdf MRCA 11-7-07

Kanan Dume-Ramirez-23.5 acres  SMMC 11-26-07

Ramirez-Escondido—purchase of conservation/trail easements on 17 acres http://smmc.ca.gov/pdf/attachment1127_Map.pdf  SMMC 11-26-07

Escondido Canyon—1 acre scenic easement donation--MRCA 3-5-08

Escondido Canyon-- Open space easements: MRCA 1-11-06

Ramirez canyon/Forde—Scenic easement MRCA 7/2/08

Escondido canyon/Toberman—Scenic easement MRCA 7/2/08

Kanan Dume Road to Latigo Canyon Road Segment, 46 acre purchase of parcels along the Coastal Slope Trail - - Project Plan. [Project Plan] [Resolution] [Map] SMMC 11/10/2008

Kanan dume—4.4 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment132_Map%2018.pdf MRCA 3-1-06

18 acres- Kanan Dume Rd

MRCA 2-17-06, L.A.County surplus land bought by MRCA

--Ramirez-Kanan, 12.8 acres, 3 parcels,  http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment446_Map%203.pdf
surplus L.A. County land transferred to the MRCA 11-1-06

Escondido—open space easement-- MRCA 9-18-06

Assorted trail easements, near Kanan Dume and Ramirez canyon-- MRCA 9-18-06

Zumirez—open space easement MRCA 3-7-07



Zuma canyon-- scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 3/3/2010 [Map ]

Zuma canyon—Cavalleri rd/McLean., trail easement, MRCA 1/6/2010

Zuma canyon, conservation and open space easement

Zuma canyon—open space easement MRCA 3-7-07

Point Dume trail easement, 6743 Fernhill Drive in Malibu, MRCA 5/7/2008

Point Dume -- open space or scenic easements; MRCA 6/3/09 [Map 3]

Kanan Dume-- scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 3/3/2010--[Map ] [Map 5]

Kanan Dume rd. scenic easements-- MRCA 8/15/2008

Point Dume scenic easement-- MRCA 9/3/2008

MRCA 2-17-06,L.A.County surplus land bought by MRCA

Calamigos Ranch trail easement—MRCA 12-5-07

Zuma Canyon MRCA 7-12-07

Zuma canyon--Kanan Dume rd, 0.02 acres-- http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment1096_Map%201.pdf

Zuma canyon scenic easements --MRCA 9-5-07

Zuma Canyon trail

Zuma cyn-2 acres of surplus L.A. County land sold to the MRCA http://smmc.ca.gov/pdf/attachment149_Map%203.pdf SMMC 1-23-06

Zuma-kanan, 2.4 acres, 4 parcels, http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment446_Map%204.pdf
surplus L.A. County land transferred to the MRCA 11-1-06

Zuma-- Open space or scenic easements: MRCA 5-3-06



Trancas-- Open space or scenic easements: MRCA 5-3-06

Trancas trail easement donation MRCA 7-12-07

Broad Beach--dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easement--12/1/2010 MRCA

Trail easement in Trancas

Trancas trail easement: Ohanian/5-85-459, Malibu [Attachment] MRCA 7-12-07

Trancas canyon, 33235 Mulholland Highway/Zacha, trail easement, MRCA 1/6/2010

Trail and OS easement in Trancas canyon

286 acres to protect core habitat in Zuma and Trancas Canyons

13.5 acre new park in Trancas canyon

Trancas Lagoon Acquisition Project; 15 acres and transfer land to the National Park Service, Malibu. [Staff Report] [Resolution] MRCA 11/5/2008

7 acres--Trancas Lagoon trail purchased--west Malibu

Trancas/Lechuza-- Trail easement donations--MRCA 2-1-06

Trancas Canyon trail easement for portion of backbone trail, near Etz-Meloy fireroad http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment675_Map%201.pdf  MRCA 6-6-07



Charmlee park planning SMMC 4-30-07

Encinal—open space easement-- MRCA 9-18-06

Charmlee park adjacent—2.1 acres http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment132_Map%206.pdf

Charmlee/Encinal Canyon-- 2.1 acres http://smmc.ca.gov/pdf/attachment585_Map.pdf SMMC 3-26-07

Around ½ acre at Lechuza Beach by CC 9-28-2000-disburse up to $10,000,000 for acquisition of the Lechuza Beach property in Malibu, Los Angeles County, near Matador State Beach, located on Sea Level Drive

Lechuza Beach-lateral access easement-- MRCA 12-5-07

Lechuza beach access easements MRCA 7-12-06

Lechuza beach access plan http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment622_Attachment.pdf MRCA 4-4-07

Decker rd-- Open space easement: MRCA 1-11-06

Encinal cyn-- Open space easement: MRCA 1-11-06

Etz meloy-backbone trail construction http://smmc.ca.gov/pdf/attachment213_Attachment.pdf  SMMC 3-27-06

Etz Meloy/Backbone Trail construction http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment248_Attachment%202.pdf MRCA 6-7-06

Etz Meloy-10 acres-- MRCA 10-3-07

Etz-meloy-10 acres http://smmc.ca.gov/pdf/attachment875_Map.pdf SMMC 10-29-07

Yerba Buena-Little sycamore cyn --18 acre donation http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment646_Map.pdf

117 acre conservation easement http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment656_Map.pdf MRCA 5/2/07

Little Sycamore Canyon/West Santa Monica Mountains—donation of 8 acre conservation easement [Staff Report] [Map] [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] MRCA 8/15/2008

Pacific View Rd./Deer Creek Canyon-12 acre conservation easement http://mrca.ca.gov/pdf/attachment563_Map.pdf MRCA 2-7-07